Jordan Rakei – The Loop

One of the most highly anticipated records is finally out. Jordan Rakei had already released four singles off “The Loop”, clearly his best album to date. “Flowers” and “Friend Or Foe” had the stakes high and we’re still raving about “Learning” and “Freedom”. We finally have all 13 tracks now on double vinyl by the way. There is a beautiful and haunting, guitar-driven ballad (“Forgive”), written with Oscar Jerome. “Royal” has this 80s-sounding big beat sound with vintage keys and still brilliant “I Still Believe” hook. On “Trust”, he uses percolating percussion and crisp horns for an incredibly funky groove.

Jordan Rakei "The Loop"

We’ve reviewed his 2017 LP “Wallflower” (five paws) and his last show in Berlin and we’ve been fans ever since his debut “Cloak” came out in 2016. What he has achieved with his fifth album now (and the first for Decca), is totally outstanding. His unique vocals are especially rousing on “State Of Mind”, one of those irresistible soul meets pop tunes only he seems to be capable of composing. “What’s A Love Language To Me” he asks in the lyrics of the song. The answer is right there. “It’s a state of mind/It could last a lifetime”.

As usual, production values are very high, like on the beautiful “Hopes And Dreams” with really lovely, cinematic strings. “I see strange people everywhere I go” – the opening line of “Cages”. I hear you Jordan! The track has a wondrous shuffling beat and is totally compelling. More spellbinding tracks are here, like another hauntingly beautiful “Miracle” and the album closer “A Little Life”, which turns out to be a little hymn and a love paean (“And I’ve come to peace/I’ve come to peace with you”). A stunning and mind-blowing album.

Jordan is on an extensive tour until the end of the year with two sold-out shows in Amsterdam, sold-out shows in Porto and throughout the UK so get your tickets fast. We look forward to his next Berlin visit on September 11th.


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