Congratulations to Michael Wollny

Michael Wollny Trio "Weltentraum"At this year’s JazzConnect Conference in New York, I was asked to participate on a panel which was supposed to put a spotlight on Jazz in Germany. When the question came which artists I thought are the most important musicians deserving wider attention, my immediate response was Michael Wollny.

The critics of the British Jazzwise Magazine have now voted his album “Weltentraum” as the Album of the Year 2014. Congratulations Michael!

“Michael Wollny Trio’s dark, subconscious journey through dreamworlds, Weltentraum, that took pianist and composer Wollny’s increasingly inspired vision to a new level of performance and imagination, grabbed a well deserved Album of the Year accolade in our annual poll, where 10 points are awarded to first place down to one point for 10th place”, according to Jazzwise.

Another piano trio ended up at number two: “Life To Everything”, the British/Scandinavian group which was formed by Danish bassist Jasper Hoiby. Christine Tobin came in third with her interpretations of Leonard Cohen songs, “A Thousand Kisses Deep”.




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